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August 15, 2008


thats not the Russian flag on that Tank by the way

[From DR -- Your comment is a common but interesting method used to hijack debate. It is called the "defense of detail". It works like this. The first debater makes a substantive point. The pressure is then upon the second debater to respond. However, the second debater ignores the main point, and focuses instead upon some small matter upon which they can equivocate. The effort is to redirect the thought stream into an irrelevant side issue.

This helps the second debater avoid addressing the main point. The easiest way to deal with the "defense of detail" is to redirect the debate back to the main point. In this case, the main point is the government buildings in this important Georgian town have been destroyed by fighting. It is not clear from this picture who did what. -- Pro Patria]

This article states that Russia used a cluster bomb, and that its banned by many countrys, but the truth is that The largest manufacturer of cluster bombs is the U.S.A which doesnt only produce them but also purchases them. USA doesnt ban them because they ALSO USE THEM. this site is officially Biased in many ways and the articles cannot be trusted due to that reason.

[From DR-- Note that the part you refer to is taken from a quote by the Georgian Foreign Ministry. Cluster bombs function like a big bunch of hand grenades dropped from a bomber or missile. The Geneva conventions and other statutes of international law forbid the deliberate targeting of civilians. Cluster bombs are a particularly random and destructive way to maim and kill innocent people.]

This site has neocon written all over it. It is totally baised. Since Bush , Cheyney and their gang have been in power this world has moved progressively closer to doomsday every year. God help us.


[From DR -- I see no reason to believe that global doom is imminent. In fact, world prosperity is at an all-time high, and the global economy is now growing exponentially. World poverty is declining.

The USSR used to be a serious world threat, but Russia is far weaker, smaller, and poorer than the Soviets used to be. The number of democratic countries is growing, and the quality of democracy is advancing in many places. -- Pro Patria]

So if you want to talk about main points - the USA is a serious world threat. No question. [From DR -- In what way, based on what evidence? Remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence]

Advancing democracy down the barrel of a gun is cool hey. I'm sure the Iraqi's love you guys and your version of democracy. [I'm sure that the Iraqi's who were tortured by Saddam, or who had family members killed by Saddam, are glad he's gone. When Saddam killed people, he often had family members watch and applaud the death. For Saddam, the book "1984" was a pocket guide to tyranny.]

- The USA's biggest foreign army camp (Bondsteel) is in KOSOVO... because it is at the center of a massive OIL pipeline - nothing to do with independence. [Evidence and relevance must be shown]

- The US invaded Afghanistan. Interesting that a big oil pipeline is being built there too [explain relevance]

- The US invaded Iran... Say no more - OIL [no invasion has occurred]

- Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are in your pocket - OIL [prove it]

- GEORGIA has a puppet government controlled by the US - because of the OIL pipeline [prove it]

The US is not controlled by it'S citizens or their votes.
It is controlled by big oil companies and AIPAC. The US has a long term strategy of securing Eurasian oil/energy and also supporting Israel due to massive financial/power of AIPAC in the US. [In what way, based on what evidence?]


If you don't care and you're happy with that then fine.
Otherwise, wake up and smell the coffee.

Bush criticises Russia for invading Georgia. Who the heck invaded Iraq? [The USA and her allies invaded Iraq]

Forget about weapons , Uranium and any other excuse you keep trying to think up. [Why forget about it?]

USA has the most weapons, the most uranium, sells the most weapons (to keep their massive military industry rich and making more and more weapons to kill people).
[Such claims are common. Can you prove them?]

We damn well should invade the US and disarm the crazy idiots running the place. [Why?]

Thank God for level headed people in and around government circles in the US that are working to stop Bush, Cheyney and all the others wanting to push us into WW3. [Why?]


15:30 Russian helicopters are overflying Bordjomi-Tsemi forests and dropping fire setting engines. [Prove it] There are already from 12 to 15 fire locations. [Prove it] Russian military confirmed of flying helicopters over this territory without further comments.

09:30 21 Military Trucks full of Russian military began movement from Senaki towards Poti port. [Prove it]

09:20 71st regiment of 42nd division of 58th Army of Russia moved from Tskhinvalu to Ergneti heading towards Gori. [Why]

09:00 Human Rights Watch researchers have uncovered evidence that Russian aircraft dropped cluster bombs (banned by 107 nations) in populated areas in Georgia during the air attacks from 6th of August, killing at least 11 civilians and injuring dozens, Human Rights Watch said today. [Prove it] [PS - as you know the US loves cluster bombs - you can prove it]

08:00 Russian troops consisting of 14 armored vehicle and 4 trucks left Senaki and moved in the direction of the second largest town of Georgia Kutaisi. Currently they are at Abashis Tskali river, 40 kms west from Kutaisi and 10 kms west from Samtredia - the main railway and highway crossroad in western Georgia. [Prove it]
Posted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia at 11:10 AM" [again - Prove it]

Please reply with sensible and adult (not childish) posts in the future.

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