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August 13, 2008


Please cut Edwards some slack. Elizabeth's cancer was in remission when he had the affair.

Michael, I don't know if you're serious or tongue in cheek, but I thought the vow was "in sickness AND in health." I didn't realize that keeping one's solemn vow of fidelity is only expected "in sickness." My bad.

Michael Carr - That is one of the all-time most stupid things a libtard has ever come out with (and that's going some). So, it's OK to cheat on your wife as long as she's healthy (so she can support herself after the divorce if she catches you?); but if she gets sick, you have to suspend the affair until she recovers? Is this applied to all sickness - colds, flu,beri-beri, etc. - or only to the biggies like cancer. Enquiring philanderers want to know!!

I assume Michael Carr was just joking.

I'd like to ask a question of all those democrats out there who contributed to Edwards' campaign. How do you feel about two America's now. In one America men pay for their mistress, in the other, your campaign contributions pay for a mistress.

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