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August 19, 2008


Maybe, I am kind of proud to be a reason for such a special posting. Though I have cautiously answered most points of your 'Engagement Bylaws', I feel I have to add something.

RE: "As I mentioned on a previous post, Russia has engaged the services of thousands of English-speakers to post enormous amounts of anti-Georgian material. Some of these people may have visited Gina Cobb. Left unchecked, they tend to ride roughshod over the truth."

I am a real Russian person with job, family, children, faith and everything that usually defines a civilized person (at least in the Western meaning of the word 'civilization'). You can even see me in the website of my business (http://www.zoom-russia.ru/vvs.htm).
I have to say, that I am neither engaged, nor hired or in some other way officially or non-oficially involved by my country in what you call 'posting anti-Georgian materials'. I act on my own goodwill, knowledge and comprehension of the situation. Yes, I also use my skills in English that are higher than average (but not perfect, as it is not my native language).
Well, I -- sincerely -- do not understand why you do think that you or your sources hold monopoly on truth, while you take apparently anti-Russian position, whether you leave me checked or uncheked. You judge, so you are being judged.

I know what Freedom House is, and what Webster's is; I can assure you that the definition of 'democracy' in Russian does not differ from that in the Webster's.
But labelling is a tricky game. The old gashioned system in the USA have no provisions for direct elections of president; in Russia we have direct elections. In this particular regard we are considerably more democratic, aren't we? I even admit, that at our last elections I did not vote for our current president Mr. Medvedev, and until now there were no repression on me, my family, relatives or business.

As for Georgia. Besides Freedom House, there is world history.
Once the most influential, strong and cultural kingdom of Caucasus, Georgia was disintegrated after the Tamerlan's invasion in the 14th century. And until the end of the 18th century the territory was constantly devastated by multiple attacks of the Turks and Persians. In 1795 the Persians invaded Georgia (in fact, just some remnants os what Georgia once was -- kingdom Kartli-Kakheti) again and destroyed Tbilisi. The population downsized to mere 100 000 people.
The dying king Georg XII applied in 1800 to the Russian Emperor Paul I with a desperate request to take Georgia under the Russian crown. On Dec.22 same year Paul I signed the manifesto of adoption of Kartli-Kakheti. 10 years later the third Georgian kingdom, Imereti, was also included to Russia. To the end of the 19th century after a series of Russian-Turkish wars, Russia gathered all territories that now are known as Georgia. The price was blood of thousands of Russian soldiers -- 'barbarians', as the modern Georgian officials call us Russians.
Generally, in the 20th and 21st centuries Georgia was independent for 21 year; in 1918-1921 and since 1990. Within these 21 years Georgia happened to unleash or join 7 wars and military conflicts.
We Russians were never anti-Georgian, and cannot be: the integrity of Georgia is payed of by the Russian blood; but dirty games of politicians playing with nationalist feelings of peoples spoil the peace in Caucasus.

By the way, do you know the role Russia played in what the Americans celebrate on July 4th? That 'armed neutrality' on seas declared by Russia an about 1780 (joined by the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, and later by Austria, Portugal, Prussia and the Kingdom of Both Sicilies) finally mad England to cease sea blockade of the US?
Do you know that during the Civil War two squadrons of Russian battle ships were sent to NY and Frisco to demonstrate Russia was ready to defend the independency of the USA from possible intervention of European countries?

Nothing matters; Russia and Russians for decades and centuries are depicted as violent vodka drinking bears oppressing freedom and democracy worldwide.
There is always another truth, Mr. DR; whether you accept it or not. Prejudices are bad advisors.

P.S. As for nazi word. I respect your opinion. Believe it or not, in Russia this word is maybe even more insulting than wherever else; their invasion cost us more than any other country.
But, well, how would you describe the policy of Zviad Gamsakhurdia, softened by Shevardnadze, but then again reinforced by Saakashvili regarding ethnic minorities and autonomous territories?
The West tried to punish Milosevic for his actions in Kosovo. But don't you think the justice should be same for all?

[From DR -- An excellent example of the Defense of Detail]

to DR - when you have no answers to posts - which is often - you simply post 'Defense of Detail'. That's like writing 'Dont worry be happy'. It's silly and simply points to the fact that you don't have answers to valid points in these posts. I would also add that what you write is not to the point and additionally a type of defence of detail because it is sooooo one sided and prejeduced.
Vladimir has written some very good, intelligent points which you simply ignore. You and Gina continually talk about this site being a place for discourse and discussion. Please add that it is one sided if you want to continue answering as you do.
How about this question - the USA has invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for their reasons. Both were invasions of another countrnies sovreign territory. Russia invaded Georgia for it'S reasons. Also an invasion of another countries sovreign territory. Why does the USA think that it owns any moral high ground?????

Dear Mr. DR,

I don't feel attacked, so I am not defending in general or in details. whatever you call it.

What I do, I explain my position (which differs greatly from yours, but is shared by many, if not the most people of Russia). I add details that enrich the picture. I could even understand why you see the situation so onesided: you look at it from soo far, that cannot see it 3D.

I also ask questions, which you avoid to answer, preferring to blame me in the 'defence of details'.

Maybe my last question sounds rhetoric, but it is critically important for discussion, so I repeat:

The West tried to punish Milosevic for his actions in Kosovo. But don't you think the justice should be same for all?

Don't you think that the USA (and NATO, to a smaller extent) conduct foreign actions guided by an old principle "Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi"?

If yes, who is entitled to define who Jupiter is, and who oxes are?

If you don't, than please try to explain in plain words why, on what grounds the USA 'defend democracy' worldwide unilaterally, invading or attacking other sovereign, independent countries?

Taking into account that Gina is a skilled lawyer (isn't she?), I expect precise and accurate answers, where information prevail over emotions.

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