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July 04, 2008


Hey Gina, sounds a bit familiar. How are you one your bible history?


16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to the king, "O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."

the link didn't show up or it was distorted. that reference is Daniel chapter 3

Gawfer, it sure is familiar, and Christians have suffered far worse than school detention for refusing to bow down to other gods.

In the Western democracies, we tend to take our religious freedom for granted because we haven't had to fight for it for a while.

I don't know how many adults would pass the "pop quiz" these children were forced to take.

In Islam there is no kneeling down for prayer like in Christianity and also no one would punish for not kneeling down. This itself shows that this is a false story. Actually this story is created by 2 Jewish blog sites. Which was then picked up by Major newspapers as they always pick on Muslim stories since that only gives them coverage nowadays. Anybody who have common sense would understand first of all Alsager School is not a muslim school and why would they punish for not praying in a RE practical lessons. Common guys grow up show to the world westerners are not dumb. Definitely not made dumb by Jews. Check the school site at http://www.alsagerschool.co.uk


I'm sorry, but your denials don't seem very credible.

1. Yes, Muslims do kneel. From Muslim-Canada.org:

How to perform the Islamic Prayer / salat. ... Sudjood: Prostrate—hands on knees, lower slowly to kneeling position; touch forehead, nose and palms to . . . .

2. "No one would punish for not kneeling down." This is a bare assertion with no source.

3. "This itself shows that it is a false story." No, this itself shows that you are willing to make bare assertions without any source.

4. "Actually this story was created by 2 Jewish blog sites." Let's assume true. So?? You're not a racist or anti-Semite, are you?

5. "Which was then picked up by Major newspapers as they always pick on Muslim stories since that only gives them coverage nowadays." I don't understand what you are saying, but most mainstream newspapers in the U.S. and Britain bend over backwards to favor Muslims.

6. "Anybody who have common sense would understand first of all Alsager School is not a muslim school and why would they punish for not praying . . . " We know it's not a Muslim school. It's a "diversity" training class. The "diversity" teacher of the day was probably Muslim. (And I have plenty of common sense. Do you?)

7. "Common guys grow up show to the world westerners are not dumb." I'm not worried about the West needing to show "the world" that we are not dumb. We put a man on the moon and invented the computer you're currently using. By the way, yasmin, it's "come on" or "c'mon," and defintely not "common"

8. "Definitely not made dumb by Jews." Careful, Yasmin, because that it perilously close to the kind of statement that will get you banned from this website

9. "Check the school site at htt://www.alsagershoo.co.uk" I checked it. There's nothing there on the controversy that I could quickly find -- certainly not on the page you linked. As evidence, it appears to be worthless.

Thank you for visiting, yasmin. C'mon back real soon.

Hello, i have been a happy student of Alsager School for 5 years and have experienced R.E. lessons with this teacher in question. I will say right now, to all these senseless distorted media accusations that these are all WRONG! The teacher is a friendly caring and, most importantly, passionate person, who enjoys engaging students in pratical ways, rather than forcing them to write theories etc. She encourages them to decided for themselves, infact i can recall a lesson, when we covered Athiesm. So it's important to remember that, all religions are taken seriously and are explaining as detailed as possible with such a tight curriculum on offer. The teacher is so passionate about her subject, that her classroom is beeming with statues and figures boasting a sheer and epic diversity of religions, from Chrisitianity to Hinduism. Her lessons above all were interesting.
There is no doubt in my mind that these two students, who were forced to have a brief detention, would have been messing around and thus distracting the other interested students from focusing on the course of the ceremony. I have encountered many disruptions when we've done other things fronm students trying to make humour from such an important social issue of today's world: religious beliefs. I am sure that these students fully deserved this detention because as far as i can remember many students in my classes, escaped detention, who mocked several ceremonies, which the passionate teacher has evidently taken time to prepare.
I really do not like seeing on a variety of news websites and forums, people arguing that this teacher should be sacked because, in sharp contrast to other teachers, this individual just reflects enthusiasm for her subject, which is obviosuly so close to her. Other teachers would rather spend no time preparing (i can name almost too many examples) the lessons and just opening a textbook and lecturing, but this teacher would try to engage the students and thus, in my opinion, made a happier and more interesting lesson!

Jack, I'm not sure I believe your claim that you were a student of this teacher since you provide no confirming details (and you sound like an adult).

Interactive learning is nice, but you don't demand that students pray to someone else's god.

Muslims would't put up with it and Christians don't either. It violates the Ten Commandments. Nations have risen and fallen on less.

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