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July 15, 2008


If there were a way to prove it, I'd bet my house that both we and the IDF have assets currently embedded in Tehran at this very moment.

Assets who specialize in covert and precision demolitions; who can easily create an illusion of misfortune.

That to me seems the safest and most effective way to slow the Ayatollah and cool Ahmadinejad's jets.

[Gawfer -- Yes, good points. I think you are right. I think clandestine sabotage could slow Iran down, but not stop them. Overt sabotage might help more, but this would blow Israel's cover.

Even more intriguing is whether Israel has already pre-positioned nuclear weapons in Iran near strategic targets. Israel could make suitcase bombs that actually work. If such were the case, no amount of Iranian anti-missile defenses would protect their nuclear weapons program. -- DR]

Regarding suitcase bombs, I recently did a little digging and discovered some interesting facts. The US had SADMs (Special Atomic Demolition Munition) deployed through 1989. The units weighed 163 lbs and could create a blast up to 1.0 kilo ton. The Soviet Union had a version as well, but not quite as portable or compact.

Further digging uncovered 3 terrorist attacks in 1992 and 1993, the third of which was the first attack on the WTC. The first two were in London. Each of those detonations registered on the Richter scale, and each left a signature typical to a nuclear detonation; little to no scorching.

Sources say they (SADMs) were never used; however, given the intensity of those three attacks, I question the accuracy. Further, we've heard nary a word from the MSM regarding Israels September 2007 'disassembly' of the North Korean Reactor in Syria. I have a family member in Special Forces (17 yrs) right now, and knowing the business, I have no doubt we will hear soon enough.

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