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July 17, 2008


It's boils down to the same old " Reverse Discrimination " that is generally more acceptable in the African American culture. The " affirmative Action " theory that may have certainly helped clear some early hurdles in equality, has run it's course and is now a detriment to an " equal " society. Mr. Jackson is a poser, he wants to look like such an outstanding citizen in the public eye, but we all know the truth, he's run on the coat tails of Martin Luther King for far too long - and dropping the N-Bomb so casually, especially after denouncing it publically in the past, just shows his lack of true integrity, a complete disappointment to true integrity like his mentor Mr King. Attacking Obama verbally is hateful, stating he wants to cut his " Balls " off.... What kind of Reverend speaks with such a forked tongue ? Totally equality for African American is hampered by African Americans - Equality and equal treatment is demanded, yet " Reverse Discrimination " is perfectly acceptable - For Example, The United Negro College Fund - Although a Great thing, if there were an organization called the " United Caucasian College fund " there would be an out cry of racism. The Ebony Award is another example, perfectly acceptable, unless the Caucasians decided to have the " Ivory awards " then racism would be shouted from the streets - To include Mr Jackson. Or the fact that a Caucasian has to attain a much higher score on certain entrance exams to be accepted than an African American. Not until equal really means equal - Best scores get the job, white , black, yellow or blue - Let the scores determine who fills a slot. I hear plenty N-bombs dropped from my African American friends, but God forbid they hear one of our White friends say it. You want equality, then live it - If Jesse Jackson can say it, then the Pope should be able to - Both Men of God right. I heard the argument that Mr Jackson didn't say it in a derogatory way, it was just a way to label or group the African Americans as a whole - Well then, if that is alright, then why can Only African Americans seemingly get away with it - No Out cry - No demand for him to lose his job.... Come on America Wake the ( F-bomb ) up - One Country under God Liberty and Justice for all, but you white devils can't use our N-word because your white - Reverse discrimination - Loved by all, all whom talk the talk but can't walk the walk like Mr Jackson.

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