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July 04, 2008


Funny.. I was just thinkin' about this last week, wondering if anyone had ever checked. My daughter had to provide an ORIGINAL birth certirficate to get a passport and the first one she sent, which apparently was not an original (even though it looked original to us), was rejected. Wouldn't seem unreasonable to require the same for someone running for prez.

But hasn't Obama traveled outside the US and thus have a valid US passport, which according to Keith would require an original birth certificate?

Well, Obama hasn't been honest about anything whatsoever yet, so why should this forgery story surprise anybody? Obama hides his true beliefs, as well as those of his wife, he hides his honest positions on every issue, and his entire persona is manufactured with MSM support.

One thing (among several) that's bugging me about this: If it's true, wouldn't Hillary have dug it up?

With the Birth Certificate rumors, if he did not have his original (the one his parents would have gone down and gotten at the county before enrolling in school) then he might have ordered one after the fact which would look the same as the ones issued today. My birth certificate doesn't look anything like my children's because there is 23 years of technology advances between us. I did end up having to go and get a new copy since my original was ripped and dog eared in several places and the new one that was issued is identical to those issued today. If the complaint is that it looks "too new" then he could have bought a new copy. Now the pictures I've seen all are missing the raised seal which would be present on all legal copies.

this is easy to resolve. Le's not have emotion or wild rumors flying here and there.

1. Go to the city he was born in
2. Check in the hall of records according to his birth date (this is public record)
3. If his BC is there, it is legal, if it is not, inquire why

Then report back to this board and use the names of the people you contacted and what they said about it.

The facts will show either one way or the other, but it is simply bullshit to say he is an American, or is not an American because I like or dislike him.

I am not voting for him, but I intend to give the man a fair shake on this and not go with lies

Has anyone thought to inquire as to which documents Mr. Hussein Obama could have used to obtain a U.S. passport? Could we keep him out of the country if he used fake documents? Does the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, or the DNC (or all of them) require an application and verifiable proof of citizenship prior to consideration of what may be an illegitimate candidate for public office? Would the information provided then be public once tendered to a government agency?

It’s my understanding that legitimate, non-faked, I.D. is required in order to obtain a passport. Or, did Mr. Obama proceed carefully by first, years ago, obtaining a driver’s license? Any illegal alien can obtain a great looking fake driver license using a great looking fake birth certificate.

This matter should be placed into the very capable hands of qualified government investigators. If, in fact, the online birth certificate is a fake, there are penalties for forgeries and falsifying legal documents with the intent of defrauding the government or public — and even for aiding and abetting.

The idea that John McCain may not be a U.S. Citizen could very easily be mitigated by the fact that he served his country in the military honorably for several years. This could double the fact that he is a citizen. Hussein Obama has not served in the U.S. military at all…ever!


this is just hitting the news on coast to coast am radio show tonight... why the hell has it taken sooooo long for this story to hit the fan??? i mean, you guys posted your comments in early july! so, if b.o. is taken off the ballot, does this mean that HILLARY is going to be the candidate??? i really dont care either eay, im a libertarian... this is freaking crazy...

if mccain was an honorable man, why did he not go back to get his fellow soldiers who were left behind?

Dear American People,

Hello. I will not be giving you my real information, as it needs to remain secret - at least until after our plan is enacted. I am a Top Executive at the Democratic National Committee. I can tell you this. What you have have been suspecting is true - Barack Obama was not actually born in Hawaii. The document that we have provided him to show as his birth certificate is not authentic; it was created in our experimental laboratories at the DNC's World Headquarters in Saudi Arabia. This experimental lab - and, this may be quite shocking - this lab is where Barack Obama himself was also created, almost 48 years ago, as part of PROJECT FLAGBURN.

Yes, we had been trying for years, using the latest technology, to create the perfect candidate to enforce our liberal agenda. In the fall of 1960, we were finally successful, in our ninth try, in using recombinant DNA and artificial insemination to inject our carefully-crafted genetic material into an electronic womb (by bubbling Argon gas through radioactive stem cells). As the BARACK9 grew, we fed it nutrients infused with "Memory Cells" culled from the brainstems of famous left-wingers such as Adlai Stevenson, Bertrand Russell, and Ambrose Bierce - guaranteed to transmit our policies and doctrines into its growing brain. We radioactively stimulated the liberal centers of the brain and implanted radio-controlled microchips into its cerebellum.

Here at the DNC, we detest nationalism, pride, the Christian religion, and our troops. We have decided that a hybrid of Communism and Islam would be a much better system for our country. As BARACK9 grew up, we taught it to have these values as well. When the time was right, we entered it into politics, controlling its brain with our "Brain-Control Device". We also were responsible for 9/11, the financial crisis, and other key events to ensure that George Bush has a low approval rating. Now, the time has come. Soon BARACK9 will be voted in as the head of the most powerful country on earth. You will soon have a President named Barack Hussein Obama, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. As his first act, Barack Obama will issue the following executive orders:

1. All flags will be replaced with pictures of Barack Obama's face
2. All personal property and land of registered Republicans will be forfeit to the state
3. All churches, pictures of Jesus Christ, and religious iconography will be destroyed immediately. All mentions of the Christian religion will be punished by death
4. Everybody must wear a turban at all times and pray to Mecca 12 times a day
5. Arabic will now be the official United States language
6. The country will be renamed to The Islamic Communist Republic of Ameristan
7. All white people must issue public apologies to minorities for former misdeeds of their race. The jobs and money of Whites will be offered to blacks, muslims, and atheists as punishment.
8. White women will be offered as brides to black muslim men who get first priority of choosing up to ten wives. Whites will be put into forced labor camps for one year to show them what slavery was like
9. All heterosexuals must issue public apologies to gays and lesbians. In order to increase sensitivity to homosexual issues, they will be incarcerated for one month with a homosexual member of the same sex who is allowed to use them as seen fit.
10. Republicans will be branded with a R on their forehead and must kiss the buttocks of a liberal whenever requested to do so

I am only divulging this because there is nothing which can be done about it at this point. We initially saw Sarah Palin as an immense threat to our cause, but we have launched a huge and successful disinformational smear campaign against her which has neutralized her influences.

Prepare for your new leadership to begin on January 20!
DNC Top Executive "John"

To: "DNC Top Executive"

Very funny! But if you people are capable of biologically engineering humans, and programming them to do what you want, then why can't you just engineer some valid birth and citizenship documents?


Pro Patria

Dear DemocracyRules,

We can't afford to buy a copy of PhotoShop.

DNC Top Executive "John"

To: DNC Top Executive "John"

You are a colossal moron.

Muslims pray to Mecca 5 times a day, not 12.

Get a life loser.

first of all how can we have a president that isn't a legal citizen second why wasn't it checked or even thought about being processed it just shows you what the u.s. is coming to just to get America back on track we all know just as well as he did that he shouldn't have even ran for president knowing that it would come down to this in the end when it could have been avoided in the beginning now people are having second thoughts about who they are gonna vote for now at the last second come on America it's your vote that counts and know it's come down to your opinion so next election try and do better

To Kelly, Aug 23 post.

You evidently dont know anything about anything. Sen. McCain was a prisoner of war who REFUSED to be released early. He said he would not leave till his fellow prisoners were released. The vietnamese wanted to let him go because he was a Senator's son. He stayed long past the time he could have come home. THAT IS CALLED HONOR! something you would know nothing about evidently.

Maybe you expected him to come home then fly back over and invade the country by himself to find all the MIA's. If you dont respect that it just shows you have no HONOR of your own, something the left lack's in great abundance.

Congratulations to Barack Obama on winning the Presidency of the United States of America! McCain is a very honorable man and deserves his praise. He gave a great speech after losing regarding the nation coming together because we are all Americans and want the best for our country, even if we do not agree on everything.

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