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June 23, 2008


If you think this is the only evidence for sea level rise you're grossly misinformed - and passing on gross misinformation.

Do some research instead of just cutting and pasting articles from mass media - Al Gore is NOTHING. And by the way - the pacific has many thousands of islanders who have been forced to relocate here - in Australasia - because the PACIFIC OCEAN is rising - not because their islands are sinking!
There ARE real conspiracies out there - designed to keep you buying junk and not facing the consequences of your actions. Do you imagine the world is a junkyard and all the pollution is okay?
Get on the side of the truth. Stop doing evil men's dirty work for them.

See http://newilluminati.blog-city.com


Your research is sound. The Truth be with you. Pity the global moonbattery. Above illumined comment is pretty gross and void of fact. Excepting only: The Al Gore perception. You must have hit a nerve. Okey-Dokey: A real conspiracy. It's not the Carteret islands sinking, that only the illumined FOE has their "truth" that the Pacific is rising.

Never mind the fact of that last tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Never mind the science of plate tectonics: The Pacific "ring of fire." Never mind that today's technology allows measurement of plate creep: That the Indo-Australian plate creeps 2 inches NE every year. There is a Sunda trench. That the India plate, of Indo-Australian plate, subducts beneath the Burma plate. That this causes the Indo-Australian plate to be depressed, or sink. Perhaps FOE friends can just find it easier to believe that Gaia finds displeasure with australasian moonbattery, and is sinking Carteret islands in vengeance.

As for the attack, perhaps commenter is just coming down from post solstice celebration hang-over. Perhaps will learn the Truth. Right now, just like the communists of yore: If the fact don't fit, throw out the facts; Darkness becomes light, light, becomes darkness; Accuse the opposition of what they commit. Yell conspiracy. And, pitifully believe that the earth is flat; That, the islands aren't sinking, the Pacific has to be rising due to evil man.

Thanks for your support. This post was written by Democracy Rules, who blogs here regularly. I'm sure he'll appreciate your comment.

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