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June 15, 2008


Sounds pretty racist to me. If a White person had written/said those things they would be hounded from the public stage.

But the Obamas won't be, of course, since they are the darlings of the Leftist MSM.

Benning: Yes it looks racist to me as well, but it's complicated and interesting, that's why I posted it. In a previous post I made the case that we are all prone to racism. It's common in vertebrates, and of course all humans are prone to group, to stereotype, and to hate.

Most thought the "white" version was racist, and I gave it a seven, but since then I changed my mind. First, racism can get very much worse than this little passage. Second, I don't know why, but the "Black" version seems softer to me. If Bill Cosby wrote this, I would just let it go.

Third, I imagined myself living in Saudi Arabia. Honestly, I would hang our with ex-pat Westerners, prefer the company of Christians, and speak English whenever I could.

The bottom line for me is that Michelle Obama does seem to show an overall cast of racism, of which this passage is a minor example.

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