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June 02, 2008



I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that Barack Obama has a plan. It's a simple and 'new plan' involving nothing more than simple conversations and concessions to Iran.

In spite of the fact that the United States has been having these conversations for almost 30 years now, never more so than during the Clinton administration when the US lifted 2 of the sanctions against Iran, and Madeline Albreit overtly apologized for past mistakes, Obama seems to think he'll bring something new to the table... I'm guessing it's hope, change, and Father Pfleger; but that's me.

Gawfer, you sadden me and then make me laugh.

Are the fascist US, Israel and UK anything better than Iran?

Are the fascist US, Israel and UK anything better than Iran?

C'mon Samuel -- you can do better than that! Please elaborate on the horrors of fascism in U.S., the U.K. and Britain. Then compare and contrast with Iran, where they can't even walk a dog on the street, wear the clothing of their choice, convert from Islam to another religion, use high-speed internet, own satellite dishes, read magazines that have not been censored, or give Barbie dolls to their children . . . . Please also compare and contrast what typically happens to political protestors in Iran, versus the U.S., U.K., and Israel.

We're looking for an intelligent debate here. Your turn!

The 'Jewish State' was destroyed twice [586 BC & 70 AD]. Will the 'Jewish State' be destroyed a third time?

I know that every thing is got an end, and i tell you that we the humans are gonna be the ones that are gonna take this beautiful globe to its own destructions. its only a matter of time and its gonna be the end of every thing including me, and before that we are only gonna live for whatever days left 4us. May god bless our souls here after. amin. amin. amin

You funny person Gina Cobb!
I agree - he is crazy - but it sounds like he's going to be removed soon - just like I hope Bush's party and their war criminals will be...
In the mean time - there are around a million Iraqi women, children and men that are dead - ( read credible estimates ) and the country is totally destroyed. There is so much NUCLEAR contamination from the uranium shells the 'good old uncle sam' has let loose in Iraq that the cancer rates amoung new borns has sky rocketed.
A million deaths... - that's closing in on the 6 million jews that were killed in WW2...
Around 3000 deaths in 9/11 - that Iraq had nothing to do with.
The human beings in the middle-east really need to check their status's - because in the US they are definately classed WAY lower than 2nd rate.

Very sadly and as they say - Action speaks louder than words...and in this case the US beats Iran hands down in the killing fields...

It would be wonderful to see the reaction of US citizens if somehow the US was invaded illegally and occupied for 5 years. There would be one hell of a lot of gung-ho's fighting the occupiers!

Gaaaad bless america... but please God - bless Iraq too - they need your blessing more.

ahamadingajig has a mental issue
and is to sick to know he needs help

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