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June 03, 2008


"...(2) US special forces are probably already active near the Iran-Iraq border..."

The real question is Whish side of the border... :)

In fact, past military experience tells me we're sipping tea in Tehran and praying in Mosques as I write this.

I dig this 'cloak and dagger stuff'

Iran is the one which needs the confrontation or at least the threat of one. Fear of the state (or Allah) is not enough to maintain a hold on power. If the people don't fear some outside threat and fear what might happen if the regime fell* then it becomes harder and harder to hold people down.

* These sorts of states always make an effort to force innocent people to carry out their crimes through fear so that they have something to worry about if the power changes hands. It is sort of a mirror image of loyalty - the guilt of capitulation.

I hope that if such action is taken that the goal of reducing Iran's ability to wage proxy wars does not eclipse the more important goal of disabling Iran's security infrastructure and its ability to maintain the current state. Police and military bases in the most rebellious regions should be incapacitated advanced notice through leaflets of attacks against "civilian" police force buildings might get around the legal technicalities while allowing the US to diminish their physical infrastructure and logistical apparatus. Government radio and television transmitters should be high priority targets. Rather than attack power stations which serve the public and potential anti-government forces, targeting the power infrastructure and roadways serving government buildings would be wise.

In short, I feel that targets should be chosen based more on undermining the entire revolutionary system rather than on short-term conveniences.

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