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May 22, 2008


The bad news is that most American believe the Climate Models because the MSM touts them as accurate. The worse news is that Gore, et al, are still working to destroy Capitalism and the USA.

Benning: Thank you for your many useful comments! You always have an interesting take on things.

YES, the MSM keeps telling us that global warming is settled science. In fact, I have never seen a scientific theory sink so fast. (Hence my "hitting the iceberg" analogy). According to me, it will be up to people like us to point out the disaster in this theory, and we must do it collectively.

In 1970, "The Club of Rome" research group declared that "peak oil" was imminent, and the world would RUN OUT in 1992! The world now has more oil available than ever, but the public has never understood this. In this sense the "Club of Rome" were completely wrong, but they won in the media, and most people still believe in "peak oil".

I hope we can do a better job this time, in well and truly sinking the global warming myth, before the world wastes trillions of dollars on a useless piece of failed science.

Pro Patria

And scientists concerned about climate change believe it will cause more drought in many areas in the future.

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