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April 07, 2008


Love your site! Hope you don't mind that I shared it on my Multiply site. VERY insightful stuff!

You miss the most important point from 'Dreams From My Father' - the title is a fraud. Obama Jr. in fact did not even know his father (much less know what his father's dreams were), because Obama Sr. abandoned Obama Jr. & his mother when Obama Jr. was 2, and Obama Jr. only saw Sr. again once, briefly when Jr. was 10. Further, Sr. did not tell Jr.'s mother, he was already married in Kenya and already had a child. Clearly Obama, Sr. is no hero, and some might say a despicable husband, father and man. The book more appropriately should be titled 'Dreams from My Mother' or 'Nightmares From My Father'. Similarly, is his book 'Audacity of Hope', which features much of what Obama learned from the hatred spewing Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the DOCTRINE of black values, afro-centric values - who Obama himself said was his mentor - whom he now has disowned, in several BS increments. Thus, another fraud, and from what we have learned since publishing, more appropriately titled 'Audacity of Hate'. Recall Dr. ML King's famous quote, to be judged by the content of one's character, instead of the color of their skin? When are people going to wake up and examnine and judge Obama's character?

I just stumbled across your website today. I've been concerned with the lack of info on Obama's parents or anyone else who knows his true background. I found this site to be very helpful. His meteoric rise in politics and the ambiguity of the info on his past are quite suspicious. I look forward to learning more.

The book 'The Communist Manifesto of Neocolonialism' doesn't exist.

This is very persuasive. If we had access to Obama's college papers, transcripts, associates - no doubt the picture
would be ever plainer.

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