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March 19, 2008


For practical purposes, the First Amendment seems dead to me. I laud Obama for carefully trying to give it a bit of a comeback.

Wright's bit about AIDS is probably silly (tough to prove a negative), but unhappiness in inner cities about drugs and where they come from is a really tough issue here that Obama was probably wise to leave alone. Poking into that one is physically dangerous.

People on the extremes will speak truth to power. A complete dollar meltdown may be the only other thing they can hear in these times.
The horrors of the U.S. funding and arming both sides in world conflicts is another issue hiding under this attempt to pull a guilt-by-association slam on a very articulate person.

Hillary and McCain had better watch it on the guilt-by-association track. They have Achilles heels in that game.

Anybody remember the S&L crisis? What's going on with the dollar could make that difficult for McCain.

Remember how Hillary made a killing in the commodities market? Don't you wonder who lost when Hillary won?

Maybe these guys can keep this stuff under wraps, but this history speaks volumes as to who pays when important people profit.

Getting yourself pastored for 20 years by a radical hater shows bad judgment. Lying about it when asked by the media shows dishonesty. Now we know the real reason why you refused to wear a flag lapel pin and why your wife has never before been proud of America. If we take you at your word, you spent 20 years in the company of a man, and never once figured out that he was a virulent racist. A president of the United states cannot afford to be that obtuse. Request for presidency denied.


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