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February 14, 2008


You might want to look into the ARAPAHO project from the 1980s.

As a former US navy enlisted man, the problem I see with container ship conversion/use would be watertight integrity after battle damage.
Several times during WWII the Japanese navy severely damaged US carriers (believing them sunk) and faced those same flattops later thanks to damage control and excellent watertight compartmentalization.
Converted cargo ships did not fair as well in the Atlantic (the HMS Dasher for example) sinking quickly after a single incident of damage.
However, serious carriers like Saratoga and Forrestal are stripped down and in the US mothball fleet. Perhaps Israel should consider buying one of these?
[DemocracyRules says: Thank you for the expert opinion.
I am glad to entertain serious consideration of this topic. Even a stripped down carrier may be helpful for Israel. The country has only about 7 million people, so an extensive navy is not feasible. However, at this point in the war on terror, it seems that an Israeli landing point in or near the Gulf could be very helpful, tactically and strategically.]

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