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February 16, 2008


This waste of time and money has really been getting me angry, as has Sen. Specter and the time he wastes over whether or not TO had the right to play football when the eagles suspended him (and, by the way, paid him to sit at home) and now with his probe of something extremely important to our nation: the NE Patriots cheated!!! I wasted my time writing Specter a letter (as a constituent) about how ridiculous it was for him to consider a Justice Department probe to protect someone who was getting paid more to sit home for a year than most of us would get paid to work double shifts for the next ten... the response was less than satisfying. Now we have the potential of a SPecter probe into whether there is cheating in sports? Let me save him time and our money: yes Senator, there is cheating in sports. In the NFL, there is "cheating" on just about every play, as my wife can confirm as I yell at the TV as the zebras miss yet another call for holding that clearly proves the refs like the other team better :-) But where's the "so what?"; why is this something that Congress needs to get involved with? What's next? Congressional probes of lip-synching during concerts? Actresses with implants? Actors with toupee's? If an actor with a full head of hair losses a role because someone "cheated" by wearing a toupee.. shouldn't that be stopped before someone gets hurt?

sorry... if I'm going to write this much, I should turn it into a blog entry :-) But you sure got me going with yours...

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