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February 07, 2008


Dr. David Suzuki is a TV broadcaster for the socialist-credentialed CBC. The CBC befouls our airwaves and pollutes our minds with endless junk science nature programs. For the CBC, there is no science too invalid for them to promulgate. They think they personally speak for all ducks.

These programs are aimed at the office-dwelling, Gore-tex be-clad, fashion-hiking-booted enviro-Canadians who couldn’t tell an otter from a weasel. They surreptitiously believe that all wilderness trails should be paved, and have a tea house every mile. When they actually find one, they smoke a joint before entering, then sit there be-sodden by their Earl Grey, carping about big business as if they actually knew something about it. They of course do not, because they are all civil servants. Most of them have yet to step out of their air-conditioned SUV’s into true wilderness long enough to encounter a dandelion. If they encountered a bear, they would litigate.

Canadians believe David Suzuki about global warming in the same way that Americans believe George Clooney about Presidential candidates. Witnessing these things, I am saddened for the human species.

Take heed here all you Americans who dream the dream of the "Boundless Great White North, Strong and Free". Instead, let our entry portals be guarded by people like Suzuki, who warn, "Forsake All Hope Ye Who Enter Here", for these are the gates to Socialism run Amok.

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