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February 02, 2008


Unless Oprah--who I love and adore--can tell me why Mr. Obama sided with banks to charge me whatever interest rates and fees they desire...why his plan for health care does not mandate it for all Americans, and why he is so reluctant to speak anout the issues that primarily affect black people for fear of being labled a "Black Candidate," her voice will have zero impact on how I vote. Rhetoric can lead to action in the very vain that inspiration can lead to change. However, before we can sunder the injustice of "RED" or the discrimination, a desire embrace to mediocrity, drug abuse, poor education and AIDS that cast an halow in BLUE, Mr. Obama must first acknowledge that which prevents red and blue from being "UNITED, Mr. Obama must asssign import to the problems of all Americans, including the group that most resemble him.

If you want to see funny animated skits with Oprah And Obama Go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=W5Kboa7kSjU

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