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January 22, 2008


Keep hammering this point!

Democrats are all about divisions.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Why is this question being asked of African American women? Is the same question being asked of white women for Hillary? I heard a lot of white women say they are voting for Hillary because she has a chance of being the first female president. So is the media purposely trying to pit race against gender? Is this a strategy of the media to get inside the heads of South Carolina's African American voters? Is the media trying to turn African American women and men away from Obama?

I was searching for something the other day and found a website called "Black Women for Obama". I have been searching the Internet for the last 2 days and have yet to find a website entitled " White Women for Clinton". I guess if there was one, they'd probably be accused by those with Obamamania as being a racist website. Anyone read the article about Jesse Jackson Jr. and his conversation with one of the Black Caucus members or listened to the Representative from Ohio when she was on the Black State of the Union forum? That was the forum that Obama was "too busy to attend", but somehow, Hillary Clinton managed to fit it into her schedule. There does definitely seem to be racism going on, but it's not coming from the Clinton camp.

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