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December 09, 2007


When offerd "Happy Holiday", I smile and reply with "And a happy HOLY-day to you too." as the word origin of "holiday" is from the Middle English holidai, holy day, from Old English hālig dæg : hālig, holy; see holy + dæg, day.

Occasionally I like to follow that line up with "Merry Festival of Christ." ([Middle English Cristemas, from Old English Crīstes mæsse, Christ's festival : Crīst, Christ; see Christ + mæsse, festival; see Mass.]

To my Jewish friends I say "Happpy Hanukkah.", to my Christian friends I say "Merry Christmas.", to my Athiest and Agnostic friends I say "Good luck with that.".

Thanks for the link, Gina. I didn't know you even visited!

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