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November 08, 2007


THIS MULLAH IS REPRESENTATIVE of a large number of Islamists. This is also very congruent with Socialist thinking. Socialists obviously don't like Capitalism, and neither do Islamists. Muslim tyrants encumber free enterprise, because an all-controlling Muslim state takes control of the economy along with everything else. For example, in Iran all businesses are subject to state control.

Both Socialists and Islamists oppose democracy because both systems must impose their wills upon the people. Socialists prevent free commerce, and Islamists prevent self-exploration and self-actualization.

Sex, as usual, is even more interesting. Both systems control love and passion. Socialism controls and channels love as part of state control. (That's what '1984' was all about.) Socialism determines what type of person is or is not politically acceptable as a mate. Extreme Islam is similar. 'Love control' gives both systems great power, because one must get state authorization to even fall in love.

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