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November 29, 2007


How terrible!

You mean that a Republican candidate had to answer a tough question from someone who was not a Jeff Gannon clone? (If this were Virginia, the questinoers would have to sign a Party Loyalty oath to ask questins).

Itsn't it great that president Bush only answers questions from pre-screen citizens, who already have sworn allegiance to him personally.

I guess this will be the Brave New World that Republicans want for America, where only the party Faithful are permitted to express their opinions.

And they were all..... wait for it.... Americans asking those questions. Whomever our next president is we should hope after 8 hard years of extreme partisanship that they will be president to ALL Americans. And that includes listening to and answering questions from all Americans and not only from preselected "friendly" questioners. Long live Democracy.

I'm a democrat, but even I found the selection of questions seemed to stereotype Republicans. Nevertheless, I think the candidates took their answers directly into the concerns of most Republicans -- mainly national security and immigration. The topic of this post, however, is a real knee-slapper. After nearly a decade of pre-screened audiences for most Republican leaders -- visibly throwing out anyone with a different point of view under police escort -- this post seems horrified that their candidates for President should have to answer questions from the opposition.

So what? Yeah, the guy should have disclosed his ties to the Clinton campaign. However, this doesn't change the fact that it was a legitimate question. Why can't candidates ask questions of other candidates anyway? And who cares who is asking the question, so long as it is a good one? Certainly this was a better question than the ones that Wolf or Anderson Cooper usually ask.

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