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October 12, 2007


THERE ARE SOME INDIRECT BENEFITS of this insult to all that is good and right in the world. They have challenged the fundamental idea that 'the truth shall set you free'.

The product that Al Gore is selling is not truth, but it masquerades as truth. Rather than promoting freedom, his message promotes massive economic waste, which will produce little or no detectable benefit. Gore's talk of a 20 foot rise in sea level is preposterous fiction. This prize for Gore increases the probability that trillions will be spent on the 'global warming' fantasy while many other worthy causes go begging.

NEVERTHELESS, THE BENEFITS ARE MYRIAD. If Gore now runs for president, he can be vigorously attacked about his 'inconvenient untruths', and that would do a lot to stop the spread of his foolish dogma.

This foolish prize also helps profile the Nobel Peace Prize committee as an enemy of human progress. By promoting lies as dogma, by creating false prophets, by promoting socialist values at the expense of common-sense capitalism, they help remind right-thinking people who live everywhere that the struggle for truth, justice, and liberty will not come easily. It never has, and it looks like it never will.

No authority can be completely trusted to speak the truth, and it is for this reason that authority must be continually questioned.

These moral high-grounding Scandinavians have shown once again how dangerous they can be, frozen into unworkable Marxist ideologies dating back to 1848.

Given the dangerous fact abuse of Gore, the UN, and the Nobel Committee, we must now rely upon ourselves to ensure that 'the truth will out'.

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