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September 07, 2007


(1) His nose is too fat and long. (2) His shoulders are narrow and sloped. In previous videos Bin Laden's were square and wide. (3) His voice is stilted and emotionless, and he sticks closely to a script. In the past, Bin Laden was animated and spontaneous, with very little script. (3) He shows almost no hand gestures, almost none at all, whereas previous videos show Bin Laden gesturing effusively, and using his hand gestures as a nunaced contribution to the message. (4) This person shows no upper body movement, whereas previous videos of Bin Laden show him moving constantly, rocking, swaying, almost jumping up to make a point. (5) The voice is wrong, slow, sonorous, uninflected, there is nothing intellectually nimble about it. Bin Laden was quick, charismatic, and his speech constantly changed in volume and pitch as he drove home his many nuanced points. (6) This speaker is clearly not very intelligent, he lacks the smooth and nuanced articulatory apparatus of an intelligent person, whereas Bin Laden was clearly extremely intelligent.

Honestly, if you compare this sonorous 'speech from the throne' to the last verified video taken of Bin Laden in October, 2001, it is not the same person.

I've just put together a quick comparison between Osama in Oct 2001, and this one, Sept 2007.


On there I've put 2 pics side by side of OBL. The file is called OBL pics.ppt

I tell you it's not the same guy. Look for yourself. The shoulders are obviously different. There is absolutely nothing charismatic about this speaker. OBL was riveting, this guy is fabulously boring.

OBL is dead.

Pro Patria

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