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September 13, 2007



THE MOST IMPORTANT (1) Al Qaida is in a deep state of crisis, with no leader, no figurehead, no messiah, no messenger. Without Bin Laden, there is no charismatic leader. Just a tired old Ayman al-Zawahiri, droning on about nothing. (2) They have been lying for six [6!] years about Osama. Although Islam considers it acceptable to lie to non-Muslims, especially in wartime, Al Qaida has been lying to Muslims everywhere, and their own people. (3) The US government must have known this for some time. To some extent this is understandable, because they could not be the ones to step forward and claim a ‘kill’ at Tora Bora. No one would believe them. They have probably been waiting for the blogosphere to initiate these revelations.

(4) The nature of the war on terror is very different now. Al Qaida is now a headless, friable, indistinct organization prone to collapse at any time. There is no viable second in command. Without Al Qaida, Islamic terrorists regress to become an aimless, pointless rabble, as they were before Osama. (5) The Taliban now has almost no chance of winning in Afghanistan. Without Osama’s unifying influence, and the vision of the ‘War for the Caliphate’, Afghan violence can be seen for what it is, intertribal bickering, rivalry, and conflict as it has existed in Afghanistan since before recorded history.

(6) Al Qaida also has much less chance of winning in Iraq. In all tyrannies, the ‘head man’ is everything. Obeisance is shown to him, power streams into his hands, and the entire social and political structure is organized around him. With Bin Laden’s leadership and guidance, Al Qaida in Iraq hoped to usurp power, seize control of the country, and either install Bin Laden as the new ruler, or at least someone chosen by him. Now, none of that is possible. Al Qaida is no longer a springboard to Islamic world supremacy, it is a springboard into an unmarked grave. Al Qaida in Iraq are just another violent rabble, engrossed in murdering and terror, as some hot-headed Muslims have been since the beginning of Islam.

(7) The ‘Democrats’ plan for anti-terrorism now becomes even more meaningless, since they strongly emphasized the need to find Bin Laden. They were certain it would make a difference. Instead, it turns out Osama has been dead for six years, and the threat of terrorism has not gone away. Furthermore, with Bin Laden gone, it becomes even more crucial to quell the civil strife in Iraq. If a new Bin Laden is to appear, he will almost certainly come from Iraq.

There are many more implication indeed, these only scratch the surface.

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