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August 16, 2007


I understand your frustrations, but perhaps you're feeling fatigue of the anonymous sources on frivolous issues.

Being a whistler blower is a daunting task. You can easily lose your job, home, livelihood. You can then go into debt. You can often time lose all your support from family and friends, coworkers and neighbors, even if you're right. Even if everyone acknowledges you're on the side of decency, morality, and ethics, you can burden yourself and loved ones to the point of debilitation and madness.

Often times it's one's lawyers who only want to represent you if you are a low key figure. The minute you speak to the media you could start to blow a class action case which is about an entire class of people, not just one. So to take on the act of self appointed mouth piece can jeopardize an entire case for hundreds or thousands of people.

So, the advantage of leaking information is to not compromise the overall picture, but make the world aware that they are being duped, tricked, and scammed.

Settlements happen every day with the contingency that "this never happened". In the 'we get paid once you collect' world of lawyers, settlements are very enticing since most people can't pay the $300 and up salaries of lawyers.

Maybe the day will come when you realize if you attach your name to an allegation that you'll realize the magnitude of even speaking the slightest truth.

The truth shall set you free... But it may make you lose your home, spouse, and mind.

(speaking from somebody who has been there)

I might add, I meant to say $300 and up PER HOUR is a hefty lawyers fee to pay in ongoing litigations.

Also, in this day and age, employers can google you. If they see that Martha Jones was a whistle blower in a coworker sex scandal, employers may not want to hire Martha, especially if slanderous comments are thrown back in retaliation. Forget it if her name is Martha Verplinski, for google narrows down that there are probably only 1 or 2 of those in the world cause of the uncommon name.

The other consideration is our 24 hour non-stop, ratings seeking, greedy money world of news.

News organizations have gone the way of capitalist venture. People speak of "socialism" like its this dirty fortress of Nazis, but if you want true unbiased reporting to need to support news organizations who are not aligned with commercialism and ratings. News these days is about making money and keeping your audience stimulated. This isn't always honoring credibility . If the general public truly cared about spot on reporting, they would spend more time watching PBS than CNN, FOX, etc. Katie Couric is criticized that she's boring, and not having nightly news wattage. News becomes sensational. It's hard to engage in one explosive expose when people take less time to digest the facts and details bit rather want just juicy scoop.

Freedom of speech would be easier to delegate if the world wasn't such a shady shady place.

And might I add, anyone who believed that military doll was an actual human is a total bone head.

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