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July 06, 2007


GREAT POST! Why is it that feminists are not saying more about this? It seems that since 9/11, feminists have abandoned women's rights issues regarding any locale where they might offend Muslims. India has more Muslims than Pakistan.

this is so sad. i am a mother of a lil boy & want a lil girl someday. i was 1st born in my family & am thankin god i was not born there or i might not be here. i have mostly brothers so i am thankful. i cant beleive someone can due this to there own child. its sad what the world is like

i think its sad b/c if i had a lil boi or girl i dont want anybodii touchin them those r mii kids somedae and i think it would be nice to have kids one dae!!!! and plus i love kids so wats the point of killin them. thats sad and dumb. wayt is the world doin this year

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