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July 18, 2007


The difference between Al-Qaeda and the USA is that Al Qaeda, being an amorphous organisation, can quickly change strategy and tactics with little difficulty. The immense American army isn't designed to fight against guerrilla/terrorist forces that hide amongst the population. When America plans and adapts, everybody knows it is happening as it happens, while Al-Qaeda, being small and secretive, is draws an advantage from their cloak of mystery.

Due to these factors Al Qaeda can change tactics in Iraq quickly because they aren't established in the manner a conventional army would be and the US is fighting them on the terrorists' terms; in a game of 'pick the suicide bomber out of the crowd'. To effectively combat Al Qaeda in Iraq tremendous restructuring of the army's organisation, strategies, and tactics would be necessary.

Fighting Al Qaeda with the US army as it is in Iraq is like using a wrench to remove a screw, it's certainly not an effective method.

With the ill fated matchup faced by the US in Iraq in perspective, such 'defeatism' is justified in the context of the options open to the US. Do you have any idea how the US can pull its food out of the fire? The White House would love to hear how to get out of this mess. I'm not suggesting that I hold all the answers, but to answer your question "If Al Qaeda Is "Evolving," Why Can't America's Iraq Strategy Evolve Too?":

The American army can't evolve because in the same way Al Qaeda can due to the inheirent differences between the two organisations.

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