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July 23, 2007


THE UN-REMITTING HATE for Bush is part of a long continuity going back to Eisenhower. The left did the same thing to Reagan ('Ronald Ray-gun', 'Bedtime for Bonzo', 'Cowboy Capitalism', etc.,). The media accused of Nixon of being dumb (and, of course, evil). President Ford was 'so dumb he could not walk and chew gum at the same time'. Reagan was a reckless imperealist, who was so dumb he could not read government reports. Bush Sr. was a gullible 'wimp', who started Iraq War 1 as a war for oil. Now Bush Jr. is 'Chimpy', dumb, selfish and mean, fighting yet another 'pointless' war for oil.

Trueman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton were 'victims of right-wing conspiracies'.

Actually, what the left means is that to them, liberal democracy IS the 'right wing'. Therefore, anyone who advocates liberal democracy is a 'right-winger', who opposes Socialism.

I think we can be fairly sure that the next Republican president will be subjected to the same slanderous vitriol that the current president is subjected to.

The next president is also likely to be Republican. By the time of the next election, the war in Iraq will continue, at least as a peace-making and peace-keeping project, Israel will have attacked Iran, Lebanon will be on the edge of conflict, Darfur will still be a problem, Afghanistan and Pakistan will remain war-ridden.

In war-time, Americans elect Republican presidents, because they want to win, and it usually works. Eisenhower won in Korea, Nixon won in Vietnam (and the congress lost by letting the N. Vietnamese break the truce and invade), Reagan won the cold war, Bush Sr. got rid of the Soviet Union and won Gulf War 1.

Ergo, the electorate are likely to elect a Republican President, and criticize him or her half to death while he or she wins wars for them.

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