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June 19, 2007



Finally the Lebanese agree about something in politics: Syria is attacking them.

Amazingly, the violence in the North has strengthened the resolve against civil war. The Lebanese army is not being very efficient in uprooting the terrorists in the northern Palestinian camp. However, the country is behind them, and the army is growing braver, more cohesive, and more effective. Whatever else, the Lebanese are good at war.

There is nothing wrong or diminishing about fighting for freedom, equality, autonomy, and the fight will strengthen Lebanon’s stature in the world. Defending democracy is the one thing that justifies war, and now Lebanon knows what it means when it is said that freedom cannot be won and kept without constant struggle. After more than 100,000 years of human habitation and conflict, the Lebanese have at last found their cause: to fight for freedom and make their country whole.

Assad is desperate to regain the ancient prize of the Levant, the birthplace of the alphabet, the place from which the Phoenicians set out to cross the ancient seas. It is the Antioch reborn, the crossing point of Europe and Asia, the fountainhead of Eastward commerce, the touchstone of myriad cultures that rub against each other, the sparks, the excitement, the new ideas, the new opportunities. With democracy Lebanon will become rich with commerce, banking, tourism, and more, while the blood poured into the Syrian sand will finally amount to nothing.

Here, in this dance, lies the essence of the fight.


Her dance predates Islam and the Arabian Nights, and may well live beyond a thousand years hence. It is worth dying to defend, for it is the dance of youth, and the human spirit made free.

Pro patria.

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