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June 19, 2007


On cue, Jimmy Carter steps forward and demonstrates again that there is no fool like an old fool [h/t: Ben Franklin].

Let's see where this serial idiot got it wrong this time. The US should not favor Fatah over Hamas because...."[it would be an] effort to divide Palestinians into two peoples."?

Fatah has renounced violence and has recognized the possibility of recognizing Israel. Abu Mazen has met with the Israeli PM in an effort to achieve a peaceful solution down the road.

Hamas has espoused terrorism, kidnaps Israeli soldiers and launches missiles into Israel while attempting terrorist attacks on Israel. Its leadership refuses to consider any diplomatic measures toward Israel. I could go on.....

But it already sounds like the Palestinians are two peoples.

So the US should treat Fatah and Hamas the same?

How long ago did this terminal retardo Carter lose the last of his marbles? And why doesn't he just shut up and stop proving Ben Franklin's old adage again and again and again......

GIVEN Carter's history of accepting extremely generous 'donations' from the Saudis and others, my intuition is to FOLLOW THE MONEY. What I mean is that Carter's positions are almost always congruent with the positions of his funding sources.

The surprise for me is that, (1) the Hamas victory in Gaza is almost certainly attributable to the Iranian-Syrian alliance. But, (2) how does the Hamas victory benefit the Saudis? Is Carter getting new money from Iran? I'm not sure Carter is intellectually nimble enough to handle funding from Sunnis and Shias at the same time. That would require a very nuanced intellect (with a taste for danger).

I conclude that Carter still has his Saudi funding sources. This would mean that the Saudis wanted Hamas to win. This could be because the Saudis think that Hamas will do a better job of challenging Israel.

In the end, Hamas may or may not succeed in bothering Israel very much. Israel can be pretty tough when it needs to be, and Hamas is a 'cleaner' target than Fatah is.


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