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May 25, 2007


I have no problem with lesbians, it's just the way some people are wired and I am proud to have lesbian friends and relatives. However, my least favorite thing is watching an aggressive lesbian couple fight. For me, a hetero male, it is the most boring thing imaginable. The contents of the arguments are SO un-male. I often want to ask, could SOMEONE please just tell the rest of us what the fight is about?

Rosie gave a perfect example of my frustration. I know Elizabeth is not lesbian, but bear with me. Rosie attacked Elizabeth because Elizabeth was not supportive enough of Rosie when Rosie said something stupid (US military are terrorists). Somehow, Elizabeth was at fault for not supporting Rosie in her hour of need... because... because why, again?

Rosie could not defend herself? Or, Rosie could defend herself, but Elizabeth should have helped? But why would Elizabeth help, when Rosie was wrong, she herself knew she was wrong, and Elizabeth could not possibly be expected to support Rosie on something that was so egregiously defamatory to the troops?

IF YOU LOVED ME, Rosie seems to be saying, you would violate your own code of ethics, by defaming the US military, in order to support me emotionally!


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