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April 11, 2007


"After all, nothing says authority, power, and American values better than putting a scarf over your head and an abaya robe to go with it."

Meet Nacy Pelosi, leader of the new dhimmi-crat party, whose main tenet is pre-emptive obedience. I hope she lives to regret that photograph. All good people should certainly work to make it so.

I thought it was Bush that was holding up funding for the troops...? Isn't he threatening the veto because he doesn't like the conditions placed on it...? Funding troops has been passed BY BOTH HOUSES.

Now, won't that be a unique position for Bush to be in: defying Congress by keeping the troops in Iraq indefinitely, yet actually stopping government money from funding them.

Hmmmm, the GOP sure is the party of the military...

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