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April 03, 2007


Two words: Logan Act. Yes I know, it has only been used to bring an indictment once in 200 years, but this sure seems like an appropriate time to at least use it to make a point that renegade congressional delegations rubbing elbows with our country's enemies are not acceptable.

My God! How long will it take before this treachery spreads like a disease?


Have you ever heard of a thing called common courtesy? When you visit the Vatican in Rome, you don't wear a mini-skirt or a sleeveless t-shirt, even if you're not Catholic. When you enter someone's house in China or Japan, you take off your shoes, even if that's not what you would do at home. So Pelosi put the same kind of scarf over her head that you could see American women wearing on a cold windy day, but she did it as a gesture of courtesy rather than to keep her ears warm -- SO WHAT? That's not the "garb of the enemy" unless you think the Islamic religion is the enemy, in which case you've got some serious 'splainin' to do to a lot of loyal American citizens in Dearborn, many of whom have served in the U.S. military.

Um, just for fun -- here's a photograph of Laura Bush wearing a black headscarf while visiting the Muslim holy shrine the Dome of the Rock in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, May 22, 2005.


Does this mean Laura Bush is on the side of the terrorists? Just wondering.

We are not at war with the Muslim / Islamic religion or customs. We should not be at "war" at all. We should be hunting terrorists, not fighting militias who formed BECAUSE of our ill-advised presence in the local area.

A small band of extremists, DRESSED LIKE AMERICAN WHITE MEN, hit us while our government's guard was way down. The terrorists did not "look like" Muslims...they looked like "us", whatever that is.

When you go to another country, you try to respect their customs, just as the right-wingers want everyone in America to speak English while they live here, "or die".

Why not look in the mirror at yourselves rather than berate the garb of another culture, or an American leader respecting custom while visiting leaders in their own country.

The Syrians are not terrorists all, and it wouldn't matter what they wore, would it?

Women in those countries are treated worse than gays are here in America...we don't allow gays to marry or have other civil rights as humans, and many Muslim countries do not allow women to behave or dress a certain way in public. Anyone see the hypocrisy in complaining here?

Do your homework.

she is exercising her usual bad judgement.

check out this column on her syria trip.... she's third in line?????? heaven help us


What about the time Laura Bush wore a headscarf?

And what are your thoughts on Laura Bush doing the same thing?

Laura Bush at the Dome of the Rock

So, if that trator John Kerry went into a Synagogue in Israel, I should freak if he donned a Yarmulke? Just checking, I need to understand.

As Mia has already pointed out, Laura Bush wore a headscarf when visiting a Moslem country, and if she and George entered a mosque, there's no possible way that they didn't take their shoes off at the door. Why don't you read Dinesh D'Souza's latest book, and then try to explain to him why Americans don't believe in using social customs to keep women in their place? He thinks it's a good idea.

Ok, one more. lol. Just now a Fox News reporter was just on Your World with Neil Cavuto reporting from Tehran. Guess what? She was wearing a head scarf.

Wait, I'm confused. So Laura Bush and Condoleeza Rice have symbolically joined with America's enemies, too?

My God. The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy involves not only the entire media but also the president's wife and his Secretary of State! Do our depredations know no end??

It's outrageous that Nancy Pelosi is trying to usurp the Executive Branch of government by acting as Commander-in-Chief in determining when and how the war will be conducted, by trying to conduct foreign policy and last, but not least, wearing a headscarf as a "sign of respect" towards a terrorist sponsoring country while showing absolute disdain for and disrespect for her own county. She is out of control and somebody ought to put a net over her. Do we really want someone this drunk on a power trip in political office? She is scary.

It is patently obvious that there are many of you that want her to wear that scarf, need her to wear that scarf, and would wear a scarf yourself given the chance. In the event that the scarf was a miniature American flag, you all would likely burn it as well. After all - Pelosi going to Syria is her right, wearing a scarf is just custom and polite (yeah, OK), and burning a US flag is an expression of 1st amendment rights. It IS a great thing that our country does afford us all the opportunity to constantly defecate all over it. Self loathing, guilt ridden, and shame ... seem like familiar character traits of people with serious authority issues. Do you blame mom or dad? She is embarrassingly recalcitrant ... reminds me of a high school boy.

Come on, it's a scarf. My Protestant American mother wears scarves. Don't you ever see them in Costco or JC Penney? Women have been wearing scarves since forever. It's not giving up anything. Bush in those blue pajamas in Vietnam, now that was giving up something.

What about these blokes in USA wearing white hoods on their heads who go aroung burning Black peoples phouses and killing them also. I suppose they are God's Choosen Messengers????

Don, you must not live in a country with good acccess to current, accurate information. The Ku Klux Klan -- the group that actually wore white hoods and lynched people -- pretty much died out by World War II -- more than half a century ago. There are definitely no organized groups running around lynching people in America today. If there were, they'd be arrested, put in jail and prosecuted. Please try to learn more about what America is like today. Not only are minorities not lynched, but we have a black female Secretary of State and a black U.S. Supreme Court justice. Our Attorney General is Hispanic. We even have a Jewish Senator and a Muslim Congressman. America, although still predominantly Christian (75% to 80%) and white, now has a large number of minorities -- probably half or more than half the population. It is truly the land of the free and is tolerant of all different races, viewpoints and faiths as long as they are willing to live peaceably with their neighbors. That's why people from all over the world try to find ways to come live here. Good luck to you, wherever you are.


Maha is right! what about the Dearborn area of Michigan. 98% are Muslim, and many are more for America then americans that have famly roots here from World war 1, and just coz the man that flow the planes into the twin towers were Muslim that does not mean all muslims are enemies. Coz i then would be coz i wear a head scarf and dont wear mini skirts and tank tops( when girls wear that they are asking for trouble)

Everyone has their own opinion on what this trip was about. I took Speaker Pelosi and the other Congressmen on this 10-day trip, and Syria was only one of several stops during this Congressional Delegation. This trip was more about putting your best foot forward rather than outlining or dictating expectations.

Of all the Congressional Delegations I've traveled with over the past 4 years, this one stands out as the most important, not to mention the most demanding I've ever experienced.

It was well worth it!

This artical proves how ignorant Americans are! Ever heard of respect peoples beliefs! She is wearing it out of respect for the people and to show the world not all Americans are ignorant and aggersive! Aaaah forget you I don't know why I'm wasting my time on such arrogance! Oh yeah I thought it was a war against terror when did it change to a war on Islam??? One more thing watch AMERICANS ARE NOT DUMB on youtube!

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