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April 09, 2007


Nice post.

It's always good to fact check the clowns. One comment: I think the argument about the recent temperatures and their implications for global warming misses the point. One has to subtract out non-human effects to see the human signature. I blogged about this here. If you do that, you get quite a different answer.

At any rate, I suspect 2007 will exceed 1998, and then the clowns will say, "only one year has exceeded 1998 ..."

"Send in the clowns--don't bother, they're here." The last line of Judy Collins' rendition of that song comes to mind reading Heather's post.

It continues to amaze me the forms that ignorance and superstition take in our post-industrial, technocratic age. I'm sure our Enlightenment forebears thought these features of human nature would have been replaced by sweet Reason by this point in human progress. But look at what we have instead--a continuous concatenation of mythical technological scares, begetted upon an unscientific public by elites of various sorts even more piously supertstitious than the masses they hope to sway. Discouragingly, what this shows is that science, which the Enlightnment pinned all its hopes on, is subject to the same sociological and political dynamics as any medieval villiage, high school clique, or major media newsroom; to wit, groups of people more concerned with their standing and reputation than with the truth. Count science among the Western institutions reeling under the weight of decay and decadence. The clowns, as well as the barbarians, are inside the gates.

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