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April 21, 2007


Hideous, hideous crimes... and all the more reason to delay Turkey's entry to the European Union. And to stop selling them our arms – with which, incidentally, they slaugher Sunni Kurds as state policy.

Of course, Gina, I would have a lot more sympathy with your post if you didn't previously describe Abu Ghraib as "Basic decency with room for improvement."

Torture is torture, murder is murder. It should never be excused, never be explained away – to the victims, it doesn't matter a great deal who is administering the pain, humiliation or, ultimately, death. - NOX

Editor's Note from Gina Cobb: Nox, I don't know how you can compare posing detainees in naked pyramids and hoods -- actions at Abu Ghraib that were stopped by the Army, investigated by the Army, disciplined by court martial of the soldiers involved, and not repeated thereafter -- with this: Ugur Yuksel, one of the three victims of the massacre at the Zirve (summit) publishing house, which distributed Christian literature, “had scores of knife cuts on his thighs, his testicles, his rectum, and his back,” Ugras said. “His fingers were sliced to the bone." ”It is obvious that these wounds had been inflicted to torture him," a spokesman for the medical center said.

There is all the difference in the world between "humiliation" through sophomoric pranks and literally torturing men to death with multiple deep razor blades cuts to their fingers, legs, body and private parts, for no "crime" other than publishing Bibles.

False moral equivalency is deeply wrong. - Gina Cobb

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