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April 04, 2007


Were the British Sailors told to retract statements?

Regardless of what had happened, whether the sailors had strayed accidentally into the Iranian water or were illegally seized the public wants the truth about how the sailors were actually treated. Are the sailors not cowards (even without being tortured) to have made such ‘apologies’ if what they had said earlier were not true? Recent videos aired on BBC one sees them relaxing and even playing ping-pong while in captivity.

I believe that the British Government ‘debriefing’ of the British sailors was in fact a ‘briefing’ to get them to issue a denial to their earlier statements made on TV about their detention in Iran. It would have been embarrassing for the British Government had they not got the sailors to support their claim that they were forced to make the apologies on TV. Why was the Press not allowed to meet the British sailors immediately on their arrival? Why are they allowed to sell their stories to the media against their normal rule?

The truth will be out when one of the sailors will tell the world the truth as to what had actually happened. This will be a even bigger STORY than this current ‘Denial Story’.

It is a terrible thing to say, as an Englishman, but after 10 years of spin and mendacity by our present government I do not know whether to believe the British version or the Iranian version of the recent hostage taking incident.

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