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March 23, 2007


Option 4 perhaps: These were Iranian sailors, acting somewhat independently, believing they were defending their borders and stepping into an international incident that Iran is trying to find a face-saving way out of at the moment.

The Iranians are certainly acting like the North Vietnamese had, and al-Qaeda is, in the way they are parading their hostages about for the media and making them admit their 'guilt' for all the world to see. This certainly isn't about sympathy, and it is a good thing there are many balances in place before a country like the US can start a war. I also have to wonder how long collectively the West will put up with this kind of provocation and posturing.

What everyone seems to be forgetting here is that the UK have experienced these kind of problems with countries throughout the world before probably more than any other country, Whatever the reason for capture the UK will ensure the release of their servicemen. UK special forces are without doubt the finest in the world - something which even we as Americans must realize as we do after all accept training from them. We only need to look back at the 1980 seizure of the Iranian embassy in London to see how these guys will end the problems. Brute, perfectly administered force, They probably already have special forces behind the Iranian border just waiting for the order to seize and recover. I suspect that the seized forces may just "appear" without explanation back in the UK.
This will undoubtedly lead to further UK involvement in the Iranian Nuclear issue, which if we are honest we need badly.

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