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February 04, 2007


Road Map Shortcut
The ROAD MAP to peace is now very clear, if Israelis could only see the elephant in the room. Israel must unilaterally declare that Palestine is now an independent country, with its own boundaries, government, laws, foreign policy, etc. Israel must eject Palestine from this unworkable “partnership”, and move immediately and unilaterally to the “two state solution”. Negotiation with the Palestinians will not work, because they want one state, with the death or expulsion of all Israeli Jews. Tell me that this is not obvious. Their idea of progress is to shoot various firecrackers at Israel over the “border”, in a childish attempt to stir up trouble. Some fear that an independent Palestine would become another enemy, but it is already an enemy, but partly within, like a cancer, like bandits in the bedroom. Many Israelis do not want to give up “land for peace”, pointing to the failures of Gaza. Better to frame it as “land for war”, where the clear borders of Palestine could not be breached anymore than Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, or Egypt can breach the borders of Israel (Jordan and Egypt gave up trying). If they do, war will ensue, and they will lose. Some Israelis feel sympathy for the Palestinians, who were “displaced”, and need special treatment (like native Americans on reserves?). This is emotion tainted by useless guilt, and racist implications of Palestinians’ helpless inferiority. They are not a stone-age people, and Jews did not “take their land”, they "took back their own land". Clearly, ever since Islam’s inception, Jews were victims of persecution, ethnic cleansing, and genocide within Israel, and it is fair and right to return to one’s homeland. Palestinians could have a prosperous homeland right next door, if they were not addicted to hate. Negotiations and bilateral commissions are doomed until Palestinians renounce hate as a creed, and that will not happen until they are able to make social, cultural, religious, and economic progress, which they will not do until they are a separate state. So what are Israelis waiting for? They need to draw new boundaries, give the Palestinians what democracies think is a fair amount of land, assemble the border walls accordingly, and go on with the real Jewish reason for being, which is to fulfill the adventure of building the promised land. Internal Israeli dissent can be dealt with by praise for their compassionate God, who would want Jews to be generous, with what is, finally, His land, not anyone elses'. Jews just have a conditional long-term lease.

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