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February 01, 2007


MSM bias runs silent, runs deep. The MSM passes almost all news through a left wing, pro-socialist filter, producing egregious reporting inaccuracies, making it boring and frustrating to read. They are inveterate fact abusers, with no remaining Vision. All political ideologies are driven by two ideas: the Vision and the Grievance. The Vision is a future ideal scenario (for US conservatives, this is full democracy, an unencumbered economy, and opportunity for all, and for Islamists, it is the society as it was with Mohammed). The Grievance is a present-time, frustrating impediment to the Vision (e.g., for conservatives, these include excessive regulations, new taxes, and government attempts to manage opportunity, and for Islamists, it would be the infuriatingly beautiful, diaphanous dresses of the Dubai Film Festival). This Vision-Grievance template works for every movement from Neo-Nazis to Boy Scouts. The catastrophe for the MSM left is the death of their Vision, the SOCIALIST PARADISE, a non-commercial, worker-controlled, levelled society. They retain grievances (Big Oil, economic disparities, welfare inadequacies, etc), but with no Vision, they are defensive and hostile. Socialism failed, wherever it was implemented. The moral turpitude, the wobbly high-grounding, the aimless reasoning, the constant whining, betray the permanent lack of direction, the frustrated malaise of a dying political philosophy. The MSM's lack of morality is bone deep. The public just does not want to read that stuff anymore. They want unbiased, clearly written factual information, so they go to the internet, to see several sides to a story.

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