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February 13, 2007


Now Gina, you know very well the Left will be able to point to the exact day and time we should have dealt with Iran. They just choose to not share their insight on this topic until the 2012 election; you know, once they have a clearer understanding of how it all turned out. We must not rush into these things, you know. Always better to choose a side after all the facts are in and the events have finished unfolding one way or the other. Otherwise they might find themselves saying things like "Had I known then what I know now, I never would have voted for _______ (fill in the blank)"

The military begged Congress, for years, to strengthen the defenses of Guam, prior to World War II. Congress didn't want to waste a penny - at the time, maybe $5 million. The American defenders of Guam had little more, to fight off the Japanese, than hand weapons. When the US had to retake Guam from the Japanese it cost inumerable precious lives, and money. Then Congress said nothing as over $120 million was poured into Guam to make it a Military warehouse for the war effort. This has been the history of the U.S.Congress. Ignore a problem until it is too late. Then pretend to interest and pour money at the problem they could have solved in the first place.

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