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January 14, 2007


Wow! Is everything left or right to you? Left-right and Democrat-Republican controversies are nothing more than false dichotomies. Corruption is corruption and it should be pursued as such. I like your research, but find your approach unsettling and as biased or more biased than the media you appear to abhore.


If a Republican had stolen and destroyed such classified documents, hearings would still be going on in Congress and every day's news would bring fresh revelations, fresh demands for heads to roll....great post Gina...ty so much for the link...the hypocrisy is overwhelming isnt it!!

Gina's blog is News... OPINION ... INSIGHT. The news media, not the editorial media, is supposed to be reporting NEWS. That's the difference. The examples of opinion being reported as news by the MSM are endless.

Yes, corruption is corruption and needs to be rooted out and punished. The point is that the press makes huge deals out of minor incidents on the right, and minimizes huge deals, like Sandy Berger's little indiscretion, on the left. Want an example of inequality in the press, just look at how they handled Trent Lott and Robert Byrd's comments on race... which one of these men is a former member of the KKK and is now President Pro Tempore (not a word about his views on the subject of race) and which one was forced out of a leadership position in the senate (after non-stop interpretive "reporting" of a comment he made at a birthday party honoring an old man)?

The press has sadly drifted far away from reporting into the world of opinion... Gina, on the other hand, is up front with her views and distinguishes between facts and opinions. I'll take honesty over deception any day.

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