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December 29, 2006


I'm having serious doubts in the coming execution of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Why not let him spend his remaining life in jail to contemplate his crimes?

Since we - America - were/are his enemy, the point the lawyers made is moot. Turning him over to his victims is another thing entirely. My feelings are: we should turn him over to the Iraqi authorities forthwith. What they do with him is up to them.


I think that killing him is a sick sick Things

Be mad all you want but that is what i think


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Well, I quess... like his sons... he now knows what hell is like!!!

Great job on the post today, Gina...

See a sarcastic visual of George Bush playing a round of “Hangman”…here:


Well, What have we done ??

Our Lord said Thou Shalt NOT Kill !!!

Someone please tell me is it right to take his life,, I KNOW HE TOOK LIFE,, But we could have kept him LOCKED UP.. !!!

I am just worried that we have opened another can of worms..

God Bless you advice would be great as i realy dont understand ?

Saddam's execution still does not solve Iraqi problems by no means. Our soldiers are still there and dieing for a country that is not our problem. Yet may the death of saddam be a sign to all people who choose to oppose America. May others see that no bad deed goes unpunished. Saddams execution gives our soldiers a since of partial accomplishment and believe that they should commended on what they have did over in Iraq. May we also remember the soldiers and their families who have died as result of this war, and those who continue to help establish a succesful government in Iraq. Also we must remember Saddam's victims and their families who have died innocently for no crimes. I say JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!!!

the only regrete i see is that his own goverment could not stop this butcher on there own,it could of saved alot of lives. everyone has the right to freedom, and a goverment that supports it's people and it,s economy not just personal gain. no matter what the battle we must fight as americans as a result of this execution. it is well worth the efforts of all that are invovled

i know im only 13 but sadam deserved to die they should have tortured him like he did to millions of others. he started war for no reasan he reked this world again we colud of been livin in piece im glad he is dead and hope he is suffering were ever he is now

I hope Pres. Bush is happy now. Saddam Hussein should have been
given a life sentence, not an "eye for an eye". What is this country
getting to become anyway? Are we all a bunch of murderers here?
Pres. Bush killed more people with "his war". 655,00 Iraqis have been killed in this illegal war and 3,000 of our troops. Hope Pres Bush is happy. What goes around, comes around.

anyone condoning this is as sick as saddam

Saddam's death was a mercy killing. If we let the Iraqis have him they would've done to him what he and his son's did to many others. Our lord did say "Thou shalt not kill", but we cannot forget "an eye for an eye". If we could ask one of the many Iraqi's who were crucified, or had eyes burned out, they would say hanging is not enough!

I dont think what they did is right..Even though he was a bad man,everyone singel person has rights and he should have had the rights to live.I think if he would have stayed in jail his whole life,it would have been worse for him because he would have to think of all the bad things every single day.Even if they killed him or not..what does it bring??NOTHING..if he would still be alive nothing would have happend anyways because he would be in jail and now that he is dead nothing really changed only the fact that he isnt alive.
I just think everyone deserves to live even if u've done something really bad....
The worst thing that i thought about all this was that people filmed how he got executed...I think thats just sick..they show it everywhere...Its not nice...
oh well...i guess this will be all now in the past..
But i must say..seeing those films made me really cry..As i said before...
Everyone has the right to live no matter what they did!

Lennon said "Nothing is Real..,"

I have traveled the world for work and have seen many terrible things with the way the way that many have to survive. I believe that many Americans do not have a clue on what it is like outside of their little world other than what they read in the slanted liberal press. How long does it take before enough is enough. Justice has been surved. Thank you Mr. President I believe you have helped to make my world a safer one.

You know I hear some people that state that "we hope President Bush is happy" blah...blah...blah EVERYONE must remember what Sadamm did as a leader and what he did to his own people. We in America cannot say yeah we hear ya because our leaders have NEVER killed us the Americans. EVERYONE must remember that this is not an American thing no matter what anyone has to say. If this was not wanted to be done in the longrun the Iraqw people would not have done it. They went through with this execution because Sadaam was a man who killed you not because you did something wrong but if had one small problem with you the cloths you wore ect. he would and did kill his own people. Death is tragic... but even more tragic our the Iraq men, women, and some children who will never be found...ever because of President Sadaam Hussin. Thank You for your time and God Bless America!

Every person has rights, huh? Well, this sicko took it upon himself to take that right away from completely INNOCENT people. Who gave him the right to take their lives or decide when it was time for them to die. AN EYE FOR AN EYE !! One thing though, death was too easy for Saddam. They should have put him in one of the prisons with hard core murderers and left them take care of him. Torture just as he did to people.

I am tired of hearing these stinking; lying liberals say that this war was not just. Everyone had the same information as president bush did and came to the same conclusion. Have you all forgotten 9.1.1. How many Americans died there! how many families were affected? Yes Sadamm supported terrorism! For that alone he got what he deserved. Not to mention the thousands of people, he and his family killed or destroyed. He was asked to step down on his own will. He decided against it. Yes people die in war, it something that you can not avoid. If all you liberals were around in world war 2 we would be speaking German and that’s a fact! You just keep drinking the tea that the news keeps feeding you. While they try and make them self look like they are reporting the truth. Why don’t you ask some of the soldiers coming back from Iraq how they feel about the war! They know the are doing something good for the WORLD.

I agree with several of you that this was indeed that right thing to do to Saddam. Yes, he killed innocent people for no good reason. He was a devil. If for no other reason, then for the sake of humanity, he should be killed because it was so very wrong what he did to all the innocent people that he ruled over. He was an evil, evil man. Don't worry though, he may not have suffered on earth, but he too will have to stand before God and answer for what he has done just like everyone else. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

listen there ent no excuse for what that man done im only 16 and i know what he did was wrong.He deserved the death penalty and it should of happened along time ago,saddam wasnt just just a murder he was a lot more but one of those wasnt a good leader.He killed people for the fun off it and if some one asked me to kill saddam myself i would refuse because i aint a cold blooded murder like him or the people who followed him.I dont see why innocent people have to die threw some one elses mistakes.And Bush and Blair aint no different to him either,it took them this long to do what had to be done a few years ago.So i blame bush and blair for the innocent people that died under the attack of saddam they could of stopped it all along time ago but they never.They aint men there mice,and i will be happy once they both are gone

As this recedes into the background of our collective attention span, we are left with: no clear video of Hussein's death, no autopsy report, no body, and no credible witnesses to his death. Considering the billions of dollars that this man controlled, payoffs on a grand scale and a staged execution are distinct possibilities. Where is the proof?

we're glad hes dead!! he deserved it for killing millions n those people who are sad from his death need to get their heads sorted out!! go to hell hussein!

How would you like to die? Would you like to be hung? What if your loved one made a mistake in life and was hung? How would you feel?

I am against everything that Hussien did during his life time but NO ONE no matter how bad they were deserves to die by humans... only God himself can make that desition. Humans tamper with life by creating babies in a test tube and by killing people because of their wrong. No matter how bad of a person you were your whole life as long as you make it right with God before you die then you are going to heaven. So i dont care if you dont agree with me but NO ONE i repeat NO ONE deserves to die because of something they did no matter how small or large it was!!!

Although we (as humans) know that Hussien did do the things that he did what about Scott Peterson he is on the death trail and will be killed but there is no way of 100% knowing that he killed his wife Laci and unborn son. So what if he is killed and he really didnt do the crime how terrible is that.

I hope the people that their job is to killing criminals feel terrible before they go to bed at nigh and i hope that they are unable to sleep and i hope they feel guilt because no real Christian could kills someone even if it is their job and then feel like they are striaght on all levels.

That is my opinion disagree i dont care!

A mistake!?!? The SOB killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people!! Have you been to a good sized sporting arena? They seat about 20,000-30,000 people, right? Now take about 15 to 25 of those, filled to capacity. That's how many people he's killed by action or order. Granted I think killing is wrong, and I couldn't just go up to someone and kill them. However, if someone hurt a member of my family and I knew who it was...and the police did nothing about it....I would do everything I could to do to him/them what they did to my loved one. If my wife/parent(s)/inlaws were killed and the police did nothing, I would want revenge. I might not kill him, but by the time I'm done with him/them they'd wish I had.
Are you saying that we should feed, clothe, shelter, and provide medical care for people like Hitler, Mengele (sp?) (the one that did all those experiments on the Jews in the concentration camps), Bundy and McVey until the day they die of natural causes? Can you imagine the financial/emotional drain keeping someone like that alive for 40, 50, 60 years? If cared for, Hitler might still be alive today. McVey would be alive for 60 or more years yet.

I think that the disicion was right... He killed millions of people and he should die for what he did... I hope he burns in hell for all the horrible things he did. I don't know what some of you people are saying that he has the right to live even if he did something bad... there are consequences for your actions... so his consequence was to be hung and thats what it should be... Now if someone in the U.S. Killed one person obviously they aren't gonna get excuted but there will be a consequence for what the person did. Hello People wake up look what he did to us and many others.

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