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December 27, 2006


I like to start off by saying that I wish this would have never came to this, but saddam hussein was a monster who needed to be destroyed. The man who Killed all the Innocent Iraqi people had men still scared to testify against him. Whatever higher being you believe in, GOD has swung his sword on the evil of this world. This has nothing to do with Islam... This has to do with a evil man who raped children, women, destroyed many families, will never do this again. Any extremist who believes, in proving his point by destroying innocent lives will also succumb to the same end. God is about peace, whether you are muslim, cristian, or whatever religion you believe in. I want to end this by saying that we need to come together as a world, and stop raising children with false hate, and lies. The Americans are not your enemies, The false prophets who declare themselves Gods are, these are the ones who will bring destruction to this world. I deployed to many countries believing through GOD that I was doing good, by savin innocent children. I Will always believe that I was soldier for GOD, because I never killed innocent children, or Families. I know I am one of GOD'S angels of justice.

Thankyou GOD for justice,

P.s. save the children

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