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December 09, 2006


Well put and so true...

“WINNING” IS NOT THE GOAL IN IRAQ, ANYWAY! I am stunned that the blogosphere has been so easily duped by the MSM into framing Iraq within the context of “winning” and “losing”. Let’s think for a minute. The objectives of the Iraq war were to topple Saddam for good, and replace it with a democracy that most Iraqis wanted. You’re done! Not surprisingly, the Iraqis, after having lived for almost all of their more than 5000 year history under tyranny, are stumbling a bit, but not much, as democracies go. It took the US about 200 years to truly free blacks (or perhaps, you’re not even done yet – where are the black-white love scenes in the popular media?). Canada was not even remotely a democracy until the 1920's (Universal Suffrage – except for Indians, no Bill of Rights until 1950's-60's). France returned to an Emperor in the 1880's, and democracy there still looks shaky to me. Every democracy developed very slowly, but Iraq is rocket fast. At this point, few Iraqi fighters are directly attacking the Allies – they have mainly accepted their presence, and are now attacking each other (a bit). The way to know you have WON in Iraq is when the withdrawal is ragged, loose, and ad hoc. Good parents withdraw from control of their growing children’s lives in a way that is quite ragged, loose, and ad hoc. The parent encourages self-sufficiency and independence, but freely permits back-sliding if it seems appropriate. Parents always worry about their kids, and they are always there to help until the end. The US still has troops in Germany, Japan, and South Korea (why, by the way?). The US could probably achieve their goal of not being attacked at home by Iraq-based terrorists, if they withdrew tomorrow. Iraq is not, and probably will not become a failed state. If it did, re-intervention is completely possible, and history is full of such events. Britain has re-stabilized Iraq before, and in Basra, in some cases they re-occupied buildings that they left from last time. Strangely to me, the MSM has convinced even the blogosphere that the Iraq war has to be punctuated at the end by some type of “Clear Win”. Why? What, exactly would that be, anyway?

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