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December 20, 2006


In many ways, it feels like the 1930's all over again, except now the bad guys have the potential to build much bigger weapons that can wipe out an entire city without the need for a massive invasion force.

- Iran is acting as if they think we are trying to DESTROY them, and they feel VERY THREATENED by the West and Israel
- The MSM is bewildered by Iran's behavior ("Why is Iran so paranoid?")
- Iran's aggression is only puzzling for the MSM, who HOPE we are losing in the ME
- Those who can see we are winning can clearly see why Iran is defensive. It's BECAUSE we're winning
- Iran is now surrounded by rapidly strengthening democracies (Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel) and Western allies (Kuwait, Suadi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Dubai).
- Iran's fear is justified, because we ARE progressing to a point where we could destroy them
- Iran SHOULD feel threatened, because IT IS
- Iran cannot attack any neighbors without inciting Western destruction of their Theocracy
- They are having increasing difficulty controlling internal dissent
- The pessimistic catastrophizing by the MSM has obscured this fact, because they are determined to have us believe that the allies' ME policy is failing
- The MSM is wrong, and their moral turpitude, wobbly high-grounding, aimless reasoning, and constant whining, betray the permanent lack of direction, the frustrated malaise of their dying leftist political philosophy, promulgating their last BIG LIE

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