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November 28, 2006


So Michelle Malkin thinks the man who launched and ran Slate.com for six years hates the internet. That he doesn't understand how powerful the internet has become.

The wrongness of that conclusion is just mind-boggling.

In fairness, Malkin didn't write that Kinsley "hates the internet." She wrote that he is "sneering at it" and ignoring some of its most important aspects:

"With an explosion of dynamic investigative work, opinion writing, and news-based social networking going on across the web--from TPMMuckraker on the left, to the milblogs, to the War on Terror and conservative blogs policing the make-it-up media, to Power Line's new forum, to Pajamas Media--why is it that Kinsley can't find anything better to write about than some random MySpace page and Twitter.com?"

Malkin is also well aware of Kinsley's internet history. She referred to him as "the once-pioneering Web journalist."

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