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November 22, 2006


I'm surprised no one freaked when they turned down the porkchop sandwiches...

You mean they had the gaul to request belt-extenders!!... maybe these folks are assimilating better than we thought in emulating our growing average equatorial regions. How dare they be safe, follow FAA guidelines and be comfortable at the same time!

Okay, one way tickets... flag. No checked baggage... maybe flag (but then again do you take your entire wardrobe to a day conference? Going to flag every businessman?) I mean the money well spent by the Executive on post-911 identification systems should have differentiated these folks from the real nasties and this wigout could have been avoided right? Oh, I'm sorry... the computer says no?
(http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/11/21/AR2006112101314.html) I expect the full conservative wrath to be placed on the folks responsible for wasting our tax dollars.

"and making critical comments about the war in Iraq." We'll gee, you just no-fly-listed nearly 70% of the country!

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