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November 28, 2006


– Morning: Brief intro, overview, goals of the day by Pamela Anderson
– Syria: When and how we intend to drop 12 GPS bombs beside Assad’s bedroom
– Power Point presentation, projected before/after pics
– Assad’s preferred bombing dates, nations he would like to do it
– Which villa he would prefer in Tunisia (virtual tours of real estate listings)
Lunch: California Fusion fare with Pamela’s comments on morning events
– Afternoon, Iran: Which Iranian rebel groups we’ll be supporting this year, $$ amounts
– Power Point presentation RE the 1-day plan to destroy Iran’s new Russian missiles
– Iranian input about which offshore oil rigs they would like us to seize first
– Invitation to Iranian leaders to aid in massive heroin imports via Afghanistan
– Financial incentives review (Deloitte Touche)
– Discussion, with fruit punch, shortbread, Syrian coffee, Iranian tea, jocular exchanges
– Condi and George’s wrap-up, with brief review of evening events, adjournment.

DON’T NUKE IRAN (at least not yet), because we are winning the war: (1) North Korea has no usable weapons; their "fizzle" shot occurred because they only have REACTOR grade plutonium (80% pure or less), which can only be refined to weapons grade at enormous cost; they don't have significant usable uranium, (2) Most Russian nukes are mothballed and have degraded to an unusable state, and (3) Iran has no idea what they're doing, and Russia is playing them along to take their money. Iran apparently tried for a North Korean nuke, but now realize that huge, ship-sized nukes that only fizzle are useless. They probably planned to hit a coastal city, like Tel Aviv. Right now, we (democracies) just have to keep up the pressure.

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