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November 01, 2006


I'm surprised you can even fly to Iran without being labeled as a terrorist.

Iran is a beautiful country if you actually do research on it. I would love to visit, although I would fear how I am treated because of war mongering by my leaders.

We invaded both their neighbours Iraq and Afganistan, killed and raped countless innocent people...and Iran is STILL able to welcome us! Granted they may use westerners as human shields if we attack...yes if WE ATTACK THEM. How many countries has Iran nuked? How many countries has USA nuked, or attacked and will continue to attack? At lease one side is TRYING to reach out.

The only bad thing I can say about Iranians is that they don't call pizza pizza, other than that they sound like a very logical, friendly, and intelligent nation. It will be a lose lose situation if WE decide to wage war on them.

With all due respect, Don, your ideas about Iran are not very well informed. If you think the "only bad thing" about Iran is that it doesn't call pizza pizza, you have a lot to learn about life in Iran today! You take your Western freedoms and luxuries for granted. In Iran you would not be allowed a satellite dish, high-speed internet access, Western music, or the freedom to protest without risking arrest, jailing and death. Your wife or girlfriend would be stuck in a burka all the time. If she wore a swimsuit in your own backyard, she could be arrested, put in jail, and even killed. If a person in Iran renounces Islam, they are put to death by hanging. Is that OK with you, Don? Is this hanging of a young woman for "un-Islamic behavior" OK with you?:


If you ever do take that vacation to Iran, you'll learn more about Iran than you ever imagined.

You might also want to consider the State Department's travel advisory on Iran:

Be grateful for where you live, and stop trying to tear down the U.S. and other Western countries that are the world's greatest beacons of freedom and prosperity.

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